5 Things You Don’t Know But Can Do With Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps us in performing many tasks such as making calls, setting alarms, or searching for directions. These are only some of the most basic things that everyone is familiar with but the google assistant is capable of doing a lot more things. Here, we are writing down some of the coolest things Google Assistant can do for you.
Make notes on Google Keep
It is a very simple process, Just say “hey google’’’’ and ask it to “make a not” followed y the content you want in the note.

If you are using a 3rd party notes app, like, Evernote, you have to tell the name of the app where you want to save your note: “make a note in Evernote.”. Once it’s got created, it could be found simply by saying the hotword Hey Google, followed by “Notes”!
Remember Things
Not able to remember things for a longer time? So What? Google Assistant can remember it for you. Just ask the Assistant “Remember XYZ” and it will never forget “XYZ”.

It works similarly to reminders, but there is no date or time limit. Like you can ask the Assistant if your phone is on the table. You can access this information by saying “open memory”. You can be more particular by saying; where I kept my documents?

Song detection
It is a simper alternative of Shazam and can find names and names too. If you’ve an Android, then you will also get a Google search widget on the home screen. Click the mic icon on the widget, and say “Search for a song”.

Google will instantly start searching for any type of music being played nearby you. The results are accuracy and the scanning hardly lasts for a few seconds.
Google Assistant is very helpful too. It can easily up for a lot of things or other things if you use it right. And if you are getting bored and want something interesting to do, you can ask many things to the assistant and kill your time.

Like, say, “do a barrel roll” and it will open a page and spin it over in an amusing little animation.

Flip A Coin
Unable to make a decision? And your pocket is also empty, so that you are unable to flip a coin? Here Google Assistant’s command “Flip a Coin” can cover you.

This is a pretty self-explanatory command. Say the words and Assistant will flip the coin virtually with a little animation.

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