A stranger calms and assists a youngster who becomes separated from his parents while travelling by train.

After being separated from his parents on the France metro, a stranger consoled the young kid.
A fellow passenger videotaped the incident and published it on social media.
It has had almost 75k views.
This small child was very helpless after being separated from his parents in a subway and was screaming uncontrollably. After all, nothing scares a youngster more than the loss of his parents. However, a fellow traveller rushed to his aid. She spoke to him in an attempt to calm him down. The event occurred on a French metro. Goodnews Movement posted the video, which has received over 75k views.
The footage shows the kid sobbing uncontrollably after losing his parents at the metro station. He is completely distraught and attempts to contact his parents, but when he realises he can do nothing, he collapses. The woman standing right next to him then attempts to console him. She attempts to calm him down by striking up a conversation. He called his parents and informed them the location before exhaling a breath of relief. You can see the relief on his face after contacting his guardians.
“”This small youngster had lost his parents on the metro, but a compassionate stranger intervened to calm him down and give assistance.” “Boy was able to call his father and was reunited with him some minutes later,” according to the video caption.
The woman was hailed on the internet for assisting this youngster. “Can you imagine a world without cell phones?” “We often forget how lucky we are to live at a time where we can call anyone in the world just dialling a number,” one user said.
“A tiny child is furiously wailing, and those two women do nothing?” It irritates me. “Thankful for those that truly assist others, even if it’s simply calming them down or hugging them,” another person said.

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