Amazon owner buys $500 million yacht for his girlfriend

Amazon is the biggest shopping app in the world, and it has continuously made a distinct identity for itself for some time. Its owner is Jeff Bezos, who works continuously on it. Even now, They are constantly trying and working hard on their Amazon company so that their business should continue and they can get their first place back in any way.

Recently the news has been heard that Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon company, has bought a private yacht for his girlfriend and himself, and its value is around 500 million dollars if we talk about Indian rupees. So its cost is about 4000 crore rupees, and inside this expensive yacht, we cannot see all the amenities in any luxury hotel or even in any seven-star hotel, so they were trying for a long time to buy it. I also saw him roaming there, and now he has bought it from Adhikari Group, and its agreement and all the purchase documents were completed on Monday.

Jeff Bezos built a statue of his girlfriend in front of the yacht.

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend were seen roaming here continuously in the last few days, and they decided to buy it only because they liked it very much. They have also got their girlfriend’s statue installed there, which means that he is very impressed with him and his main objective was to buy this yacht, his dream came true, and inside it, there is a beautiful swimming pool, there is also a lodge inside it, and there is also a huge bar. Three massive pillars are also visible inside it, and it is entirely automatic, which can go from one place to another only through the air and the showroom, so many extraordinary things have been kept inside it.

Jeff Bezos said that he was very excited to buy it, and he had spent so much money because he wanted to buy it long ago, but he had not liked any yacht yet, so he took so much time to buy it. Let it have two massive engines inside, connected if one engine stops working. The other engine automatically starts its work.

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