America came forward to help Ukraine

What has happened between Russia and Ukraine for the last 20 months shows no sign of stopping. There is a complete effort being made by both of them to destroy the other. Amid their efforts, the ordinary people there are suffering huge losses. Meanwhile, the country’s people have been spending a lot of money there, and despite their efforts, they cannot stop the war between the two countries. The atmosphere has become very bad. Both countries are trying to eradicate each other. Russia wants to eradicate Ukraine; if Ukraine is destroyed, it will be trying to make this effort entirely successful, but this attempt fails; it is visible there because Ukraine is utterly inferior in front of him. He is not even looking; he is constantly ready to face and stand perfectly in front of her.

Russia also said one more thing: the sooner Ukraine gives up its arms, it will be perfect for Ukraine, but Ukraine is not ready to do this and said that it will never do anything to its country. He would not allow it to be occupied by any other country. When Ukraine was utterly separated from Russia, his family separated after that time, and he never wanted to meet inside Russia. This victory was complete for him. That’s why America fully supported Ukraine and said it will provide everything it needs against Russia. Ukraine will never be able to do anything against Russia. It is a big thing for a country like Ukraine, which is small, yet it is facing such a big one. It is a significant achievement for them.

Russia-Ukraine war completes 20 months.

It has been 20 months, and for the last 20 months, both countries have lost a lot. In a way, England has also helped Ukraine a lot so that it could face Russia. Till today, Ukraine did not dare to face it. The way America spoke in its support. They said that the nuclear bomb that is less radioactive would reach Ukraine so that it can counter them. The way Russia has complete technology, it ultimately comes under the category of a powerful country. There is no shortage of weapons, so Ukraine must have weapons to counter their guns.

The US also said it is wrong to repeatedly attack Russia on a vulnerable country like Ukraine, and it must be subjected to complete action. If the action starts, it will be tough for the President of Russia, and it will be tough for him to escape. His President is not ready to leave his country and does not participate in any conference because he fears getting arrested. The way the International Criminal Court has issued a warrant against him, after that, he is entirely inside his country, so he is not trying to go anywhere outside it.

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