An engine fire during takeoff grounded an IndiGo flight headed for Bengaluru at the airport in Delhi.

Due to a possible spark in the plane, a Bengaluru-bound IndiGo flight had to be grounded at the Delhi airport.
Web Desk for India Today Due to a possible spark in the plane, a Bengaluru-bound IndiGo flight had to be grounded at the Delhi airport. After an engine flameout, IndiGo aircraft 6E-2131’s takeoff was aborted, and all of the passengers were evacuated.
However, nobody was hurt, and all 177 passengers as well as the seven staff members are said to be safe.
A passenger who was on board during the event published a video on Twitter and described her experience as “frightening.”
Indigo 6E 2131
According to sources at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Control room called the airport control room at 22.08 hours to report an engine fire on flight No. 6E 2131 from Delhi to Bengaluru. According to them, the plane was carrying seven staff members in addition to 177 passengers. On the runway for takeoff, the strategy had just begun.
A probe into the situation has been requested by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation.
IndiGo Airlines released a press release shortly after the event, saying, When a technical problem occurred on takeoff roll for flight 6E2131 from Delhi to Bangalore, the captain quickly aborted after takeoff and after landing in the bay. The flight will be operated by a different aircraft, and all passengers and staff are safe. We apologise for the trouble this has given the passengers.
Technical issues have recently caused a number of planes to be grounded at several airports, raising serious questions about the safety of passengers during domestic travel. Due to an issue with one of its engines, a Mumbai-Leh Go First (formerly GoAir) flight had to be diverted to Delhi in July. In a separate occurrence, a flight from Srinagar to Delhi operated by the same airline was forced to return to its starting point due to engine failure.
In the meanwhile, a probe into the incident has been opened by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
According to a report, IndiGo and GoAir both have dozens of their planes grounded while they wait for replacement engines.
As you might remember, Petrus Elbers became the CEO of IndiGo in September of this year.
According to a survey that used monthly data from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), up until April, IndiGo was the domestic airline with the best on-time performance. However, according to DGCA’s September ata, Vistara was the most punctual airline with an on-time record of 91%. AirAsia India was second with 89.8%, Air India was third with 87.1%, and IndiGo was last with 84.1%, the report said.

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