An International referee said that Brijbhushan had touched the female wrestler.

For many days, the wrestlers and sportspersons inside Delhi at Jantar Mantar are continuously seen demonstrating, and they claim that Brijbhushan Sharma, the President of Hareshwar Federation, is constantly involved in filthy matters. And action is being demanded from them here, and all the wrestlers are continually trying to take strict action against Braj Bhushan Sharma and how he treated women and wrestlers. The players had misbehaved, and there is a demand that full action should be taken against them.

Despite all this, no action is being taken here in any way, and these players are continuously protesting there, protesting there; they are seen getting very upset there and the police there. They are being lathi-charged by the government, but till now, no decision from the Indian government has come for them, nor has any Indian minister gone and met them, even no leader has met them. In a way, these players are being treated very dirty, and many people also say that this condition of Indian players is very pathetic.

The International Referee said that the behavior of any president in this way was not good at all.

The International Referee stated that Braj Bhushan Sharma had misbehaved with the female wrestler, after which the female wrestler felt the same. He has seen that rate with his own eyes, so he is saying this, which is a big thing to make such a statement. However, no action has been taken against Braj Bhushan Sharma, and if it continues like this, these players will continue their protest, and they will not move away from there in any way. Until now, no action has been taken against them, due to which all of them are very sad, and their statement is that if it continues like this, they will return all their medals.

All these players have given a request to the Indian government that if they do not fulfill their demand, then they will return all their medals to the Indian government, and in this way, no madam will be kept with them, and in the coming time, they will not participate in any game because after the way the police attacked Sakshi here, she looked very injured, and she was very sad after this, she said that if these acts continue to happen, then he will not take part in any sport.

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