Apple watch saved the life of a 12 year old girl

The Apple Watch offers some life-saving features, so it’s more than simply another piece of technology. Numerous times, the Apple Watch has been credited with saving lives, but in one instance, a girl was made aware of an extremely high heart rate, which led her to realise she had cancer. The heart rate notification function on Apple Watch is compatible with the Watch SE, Watch 7, as well as the just-released Watch 8 and Watch Ultra.

Imani’s mother stated that without the Apple Watch, it would have been difficult to diagnose Imani’s illness because there were no symptoms. Taking him to the hospital would have been delayed, which may have been even more catastrophic.

Imani Miles and her mother Jessica Kitchen reportedly no longer consider the Apple Watch to be only a gizmo but rather a highly useful tool, according to the Hour Detroit article. Jessica, Imani’s mother, reported, I’ve noticed that my daughter’s Apple Watch keeps beeping. I glanced, and saw that the watch had been warning Imani of an unusually high heart rate. Due to the fact that it had never occurred before, it was an extremely odd signal.

Although Jessica did not think it was typical, she felt that taking her daughter to the hospital was appropriate. Imani underwent surgery to treat her appendicitis after this, but her problems persisted. Her mother was informed by the doctor that her daughter had an appendix neuroendocrine tumour, which is uncommon in youngsters. Following this, physicians conducted some tests and discovered that the tumour had migrated to other areas of Imani’s body. He needed surgery to get the cancer removed. After the procedure, everything went smoothly.

After examining her daughter, the doctors told her to have a tumor in the appendix, although no such symptom was apparently manifested in the girl. Doctors had told the girl to have a neuroendocrine tumor on the appendix. According to doctors, “This is a rare type of case, because such a case does not happen in children. By the time doctors discovered that Imani had a tumor in the appendix, it had spread to a large extent, but the doctors surgically removed it.

If there was no Apple Watch

Imani’s mother said that if there was no Apple Watch, Imani’s disease would hardly have been detected, because there were no symptoms of the disease. There would have been a delay in taking him to the hospital which could have been even more fatal. He said that if there was no watch, a lot could have happened. Let us know that many great features like ECG, Heart Rate Notification, Fall and Crash Detection are available with Apple Watch, which prove to be lifesavers for people in difficult times.

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