Ashok Gehlot has started relief camp in entire Rajasthan from April 24, all the families will get its benefit

We get to see a lot of politics. Continuously, we keep seeing that every leader does something or another thing to save his seat so that he thinks that he will become good in the eyes of the people and continuously If he remains in power, recently given all these, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has organized camps called Inflation Relief Camps, which are being set up in every village or every city.

Perfect schemes are being implemented through these camps, and there are many works from which people can take advantage; the first is that a facility has been given to waive electricity bills, which can be done by registering. Every person can get relief from their electricity bill and get free electricity. Under the second Chiranjeevi Yojana, health insurance of ₹ 2500000 is being given to us for free, and after registering it, if we go to the hospital, life insurance of up to 2500000. We can get it done and take advantage of it, as well as we are also being given accident insurance in this, which is up to Rs 1000000. can get free treatment

Schemes ranging from Chiranjeevi to gas cylinders included

A scheme has been included for women to whom the Central Government gave free gas cylinders, a plan has also been implemented in it, and a provision has been written in it to provide a discount of up to ₹ 500 if a person buys it. If he registers himself through this process, he will get a discount of ₹ 500 on his gas cylinder. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot, says I assure you that whoever registers himself in any scheme will get this Will to get benefits. He can reduce his inflation rate by getting it, and some people also say that these camps are being set up only for politics.

Because elections are going to be held recently, every leader would like to do such work that people get attracted to him and vote for him. He continues to maintain his supremacy in power, then from the opposition party’s side. Some allegations are also being made that this is just a process of collecting votes through these camps, some such questions are being raised, but if we want to talk away from politics, we will see that there are some low-income families in rural areas or Then there are some low-income families who need all these things very much, for them it is a very beneficial thing that if they get this type of discount, then their living will become much easier.

At present, inflation has increased so much that there is no stop, and many people in Rajasthan come under the category of low-income families. For them, their living has become very difficult, and given all these things, Ashok Gehlot has organized these camps, and through these, many people have registered themselves. When they get the benefit of this, then there will be a lot of happiness among the people, and if it proves to be true that every discount If a person gets it, then a person will want to continue with this type of leader and keep this type of leader in power because it will be very beneficial.

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