Ayushmann Khurrana chosen best actor

Ayushmann Khurrana has turned 39 years old today, and on the occasion of his birthday, he talked about many things with the general public and discussed his career thoroughly. He told how, after coming out of a life full of struggle, he ultimately established his identity in Bollywood and what difficulties he had to face together. He told all these things to the media that, In a way, his career was going on with ups and downs. However, he said that every actor has to struggle ultimately and without struggle, it becomes tough for him to achieve anything; hence, work is behind a successful person. This is the biggest reason, and one who struggles more will be more successful in the same way. The identity of Ayushmann Khurrana is also being seen continuously. He is known to everyone as a completely different actor. Everyone loves him very much. They like it a lot, and people are also very impressed by how he creates content for society.

Ayushmann Khurrana was born in Punjab, and his early education was done there. However, his father changed his name. He changed it to Ayushmaan and started moving forward with this name. However, he had a lot of potential to become an actor from the beginning and performed very well, taking drama classes in schools. There, he tries to fascinate people completely with his acting; although many people like his acting, many people also call him a Gandhi acting person, and in this way, he is entirely in college. When he used to go by train in college, he used to sing songs inside the train, and people liked him very much.

Aasman Khurana’s Andhadhund film gave him a different identity.

Ayushmann Khurrana ultimately reached Mumbai, where he was ready to become a Bollywood actor; thus, there was a lot of struggle for him, and when he got there in 2003, he had to give auditions for Roadies. He reached out and was asked to donate sperm entirely for the audition of Roadies. However, he donated sperm, and not only did he complete this task, but he also became the winner of Roadies. She would be ready for the audition, and people like her entirely for the films. The way she started working in the movie, she began with the film Vicky Donor. He did very well, although this film was the first film of his career and earned very well.

After the film Vicky Donor, his Anda Doodh film was one of his best films, and the budget of this film was only Rs 19 crores, but the earnings of this film was more than Rs 325 crores, and Ayushmann Khurrana got almost a big budget. He is not given films. He is given low-budget films so that he is not considered such a good actor, but still, he has become the actor who offers the highest return on investment till now, the films which are made for 19 crores, 20 crores, he gets 300 crores. To take it to Rs 400 crore, Ayushmann’s Khurrana does his acting brilliantly. This is how the first part of Dream Girl came, after which the second part of Dream Girl was a super hit, the budget of which was only Rs 15 crore.

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