Blue Sky is coming and will compete with Twitter, and users want the original version of Blue Sky soon.

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, people’s interest in running Twitter has decreased, and people have started boycotting Twitter more and more because earlier, Elon Musk had fired all the employees of Twitter from the job. Removed, which was completely wrong; it is never right to remove someone directly from his job without such notice. After this, all the big celebrities and popular creators, including Bollywood actors or Indian politicians, put a verification mark in front of them. Elon Musk also removed that Bluetick in front of all the popular creators, which was totally against his respect. In such a situation, Twitter also came in the headlines many times, and it has been seen that since Elon Musk bought Twitter, his average use time was going down completely, and it is going on continuously; in such a situation, all the users are using such an app. Whatever daily latest news and information they could see on Twitter or people’s posts, they can see on some other platform, so all the users are currently looking for such a platform.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, has created an alternative to Twitter called blue-sky; although it was launched a long time ago, its beta version is still under test. Currently, the Blue Sky iOS version Is available only for Android but has recently been launched for this version. However, it is only available for some users, and it is being checked whether it will be able to meet the needs of all people. It has so much capacity that people will download it whether they can interact with people inside it. For the testing of all these, its son version was launched, whose testing is still going on.

How is Bluesky different from Twitter?

An attempt has been made to give Blue Sky the same look and interface as Twitter. The purpose of Blue Sky is that inside it, you will be able to connect to your other social media platform; that is, the posts you make on other platforms will be visible in Blue Sky, and whatever you post in Blue Sky will be visible in your other social media platforms. Apart from this, its primary purpose is to easily post small posts, photos, and videos and stay connected with your friends and whatever big media agencies, politicians, and celebrities all come here and stay connected with people.

Recently it has yet to be made available for all the people. If you want to download Blue Sky, you can register for its beta version, a trial version. Wise, when its testing is over, and when it’s real version comes out, you can download it. For iOS, it was launched in February itself, while for Android, its beta version has been removed in the present, which is currently in testing mode; you can get its beta version by joining its waiting list, but if you believe the expert, It is not so easy to get its beta version. Crores of people are still included on its waiting list because people do not want to use Twitter much due to such antics of Twitter.

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