Boris Johson becomes dad for the eighth time

The former Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson has announced that his wife is pregnant with his third child. This would be the 8th child of Boris Johnson. He took to Instagram to express his happiness that the couple is pregnant and they are all set to welcome a new member into the family. Carrie, who is currently pregnant, is the second wife of Boris Johnson. The couple married each other in 2018. Johnson is already known for having four children from his former wife Marina. He is extremely happy to become a father for the 8th time and according to him every pregnancy has taught him a different lesson. He has enjoyed the entire phase with his wife and his baby to announce that he is soon to become a dad once again. Different ministers and celebrities have congratulated him on this big news. Blessings have been showering upon him from different parts of the world .

It is important to understand that Johnson is known for his love for lifestyle and loves to spend time with this family. After stepping down as the Prime Minister of Britain he has devoted his entire time to his family and his family is very happy after that. He has become a complete family man and is often seen on vacation with his children. He has always wanted to become the best in the whole world and he has been able to successfully discharge all the responsibilities associated with that. In a recent interview he noted that all the achievements that he has achieved in his whole life cannot be equated to the happiness which he has received after becoming a father. His close family friends have acknowledged that he is a proper family man and he can go to any extent in order to discharge all the responsibilities associated with this duty.

According to the Instagram post, he has done everything to impress her and has also decided to build a new home for her. He has also decided to increase his savings for his children so that they do not face any kind of trouble and hardships in their life. He has also developed a specific fund for each one of them so that he can spend this money on their education and career planning. The government has also decided to provide him all the benefits that he is looking up to as a mark of respect for the services that he has rendered or the government in the long run.

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