Bridge collapse in India: More than 100 dead in Gujarat

In Gujarat, a state in western India, a pedestrian suspension bridge fell, killing more than 100 people.
According to a local official, women, children, and seniors made up the majority of the deceased. Just a week prior, renovations had allowed the Morbi bridge to be reopened.
According to police, the bridge was crowded at the time as people celebrated the Diwali festival.
During British administration in the 19th century, the 230m (754ft) bridge over the Machchu River was constructed.
The death toll is continuously climbing; a police officer reported that 120 bodies have so far been found.
Teams from the police, military, and disaster response were sent in, and the rescue operation went on all night.
According to state minister Brijesh Merja, at than 80 individuals have been saved.
According to a witness by the name of Sukram, “Many children were enjoying holidays for Diwali and they came here as tourists.”
“They all collapsed on top of one another. Overloading is what caused the bridge to fall.”
Several people could be seen clinging to the wreckage in social media videos as rescue workers tried to reach them. Some of the survivors managed to climb the shattered net of the bridge, while others were able to swim to the banks of the river.
According to reports, the bridge fell on Sunday at about 18:40 (13:10 GMT), killing several hundred people.
In a video taken prior to the fall, it was crowded and wobbling, and people could be seen grasping the netting on its sides.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has pledged compensation for the families of victims, is from the state of Gujarat. He described the event as causing him “deep anguish.”

A thorough inquiry has been promised by the authorities. Whether safety inspections were performed before the bridge was reopened is a matter of debate. It is a well-liked tourist destination known as Julto Pool in the area.
Prateek Vasava was presently on the bridge. He described how he had swum to the river’s shore to the Gujarati-language 24-hour news station.
He said: “I sought to drag some of them along with me but they had drowned or got washed away.” Several kids fell into the river, he continued.
Videos captured scenes of pandemonium as bystanders on the riverbanks attempted to save people who had become submerged as night fell.

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