Bus from Amritsar falls into the gorge

A very painful incident took place on Sunday after a bus loaded with pilgrims fell into a deep Gorge. The bus initiated its journey from Amritsar in Punjab and had a total of 75 pilgrims in it. A total of 9 passengers have lost their lives and a lot of them have been injured according to the sources. Different Rescue Teams appeared on the spot in order to provide the required assistance to all the pilgrims.50 people were enjoyed and at the same point of time they had to be taken to the hospital at the same point of time so that they could be protected easily. The police officers also came to the spot and all the injured people were taken to the Government Medical College of Jammu. Most of the people were sleeping during the early hours and could not realise what exactly happened. Some of the people have reported that the rash driving of the driver is one of the most important reasons due to which this accident took place. It was difficult for the driver to control the bus which was running at a very high speed immediately when a turn came.

This became the reason for the Fall. Even the CRPF official came to the location in order to assist the men and the women. Some children were also caught in the accident but no fatalities have been reported among them. It is important to understand that the police have decided to initiate an investigation in this entire incident and the driver has been taken into custody for the purposes of Investigation. The statement of the driver has been recorded and according to the statement it was only due to the bad and poor nature of the roads that caused this unfortunate incident. The police authorities have also investigated the people who were in the bus and were conscious in order to note what exactly resulted in making the bus fall. Different people had different statements but most of them blamed the wrong driving of the driver.. A lot of the people are still in a serious condition and it is difficult to see for the time being whether they will survive or they will succumb to the injuries.

It is important to note that the government will also provide medical assistance to all the people who cannot afford the medication. The family members of all the pilgrims have been notified about this incident and all of them have come to Jammu in order to take care of their relatives. The formalities associated with the medical examination has been completed in the police has decided to interrogate further. It will help to avoid such kind of incidence in the future

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