CBI probe to commence for Orissa tragedy

The tragedy of the Odisha train disaster has put a question mark on the level of security that the Indian Railways provide to the people who travel through Railways all the time. This particular incident has been responsible for taking away the lives of around 275 people and it has injured around 1100 people according to the sources. The entire country wants to know the reason behind this accident because for so many years of Independence the government has not been in the position to provide a safe journey to the people through railways.

In order to answer all of these questions the government has decided to launch a police investigation and also ask the central bureau of Investigation to begin a probe into the issue. This is because of the fact that the police cannot independently take the responsibility to complete the entire investigation over the period of time but that is why the government has decided to take the assistance of the best investigation agencies. According to the suspect of the government there is a possibility of a criminal act and the government wants to conduct a proper investigation so that such a possibility is minimized to the maximum possible extent.

The Indian population does not expect the Indian Railways to be so unsafe. The entire system of the Indian Railways was not installed with all the latest recommendations which the Railway Minister had announced in the budget session of 2022 and 2023. Despite the adoption of the latest technology these kind of accidents continue to haunt The Innocent passengers who do not have any kind of involvement in all of this except the fact that they trust the services of the government. It is important to understand that the collision of three trains in such an era of modernization only depicts the negligence and carelessness of the railway authorities in order to handle all the various operations in the country. It is only with the help of proper investigation that the country could find its answer as to who was exactly responsible for this catastrophic incident.

The interlocking system of the Indian Railways failed to control the speed of the Railways due to which all the three trains went into each other. The detailed investigation would be in the position to find out the exact reason due to which all of this occurred so that the country could understand the way in which the government is trying to tackle. It is only with the help of proper support of all the Ministries that a strict action can be taken against the culprit so that this kind of incident can be avoided in the future. It is the only way to enhance the level of support for the country as a whole and also provide for proper ways to give adequate support over the period of time.

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