CBI to take control of manipur

The people have been able to express the satisfaction upon the way in which they investigation has been taking place and for the time being it is difficult to understand that how all of these factors will be materialise over the period of time because nothing has be made certain for a long instance now and people must notify in advance that what is the exact mechanism of all of these factors over the period of time. The Central Bureau of Investigation has already taken control of all the proceedings that have been launched against the people in Manipal who have been trying to promote extent but most of the people have expressed the practice action that it is not feasible for them to trace the government organisation for the simple reason that it has already been 15 days that we entire command of the investigation has been taken up by this agency but no particular fruit can be obtained over the period of time and this is something which has been able to make the matters daily difficult to comprehend for the people.

Most of the people do not even know what is going to function for them and if people get an understanding then automatically it will become easy for them to find out the solution that the always wanted to get but for the time being this is something beyond the level of control and people are not expecting this to happen anytime soon. It is upon the people to decide the future force of action and things continue like this then automatically this is going to be a serious issue because nobody has expected all of this to take please at all. Many people do not even realize that what is going to help out for them in the long run but if things have been taking place at its own instance then it has to take a lot of time so that some substantive product can be obtained easily without any kind of confusion. This is the best possible I speak which has to be taken into account and there will be no doubt to all of this and most of the people have got this basic understanding that the current speculation of most of the people is beyond control and nobody has been able to expect this anytime soon.

The Central Bureau Investigation has not issued in the latest comments as to the status of the proceeding but it has given a belief to all the people that it will be doing something about the entire campaign to the greatest possibly extend because it is a matter of the security of the country and the cannot loose this important tangent at any cost. All of this is becoming extremely important to take note of and if it continuous like this then it will become difficult for the people to manage multiple aspects with the same time. This is the best possible way in which a solution to all of this can be obtained in the minimum possible time but things will take time to settle down and it will not be incident in a for a lot of people

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