Children are more at risk of getting dengue now; if precautions are not taken, then children may be at risk.

Many diseases are seen in children, and these diseases can quickly occur in children and elders; in which dengue becomes the most dangerous at this time; it is very summertime, as well as if it sometimes rains, which increases the risk of dengue very much inside children, so children should be protected from this disease because if they get dengue, then their platelets decrease entirely. If platelets do not come up, then those children will die. There is a lot of danger to life, so one should try to minimize this disease in children and the elderly.

Children often defend themselves; they cannot see themselves because they do not even know that this type of disease can happen to them, so their parents should take complete care of them and keep their children safe. Keep away from this type of disease. If dengue is more for those children who live more in filth or are not able to live correctly or live dirty, those children are at the highest risk of dengue, so always carry healthy with you. Keep the place, and children should be allowed to play in the same place. They should not be allowed to go to any dirty site, and they should be examined from time to time, as well as they should not be allowed to have any fever or cold because even then, they can get dengue.

Dengue can also be caused by mosquitoes in the rain.

When it rains in the rainy and cold season or in the summer, the mosquitoes born inside it are the giant predators of dengue, and the risk of dengue increases from them, too, so always avoid these mosquitoes. One should stay and keep a distance from these mosquitoes, and something should be applied on the skin of the children so that these mosquitoes do not bite them because they are dengue mosquitoes, and dengue disease is caused by their bites only once or twice. Spreads inside, and then it can prove to be even more dangerous for them

In the last few days, many patients with dengue disease have come to the fore in India; among these patients, children were the maximum, and along with them, the number of older adults was also very high. Therefore it becomes most important to save children and older people. Otherwise, It takes the form of a massive disease, and by the end, it can even take the form of death, so keep healthy places around you as much as possible, keep children in healthy areas, keep them away from filth and also from going to dirty places. They should be saved and not allowed to go to the muddy site.

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