Comedy Company Fined $2 million for using Military Humor.

Beijing: According to CNN reports, a joke by the Chinese stand-up comedian that loosely points towards the country’s military or describes the armed forces, Chinese authorities took action against this joke, a hit with a massive fine of $2 million to the entertainment industry.
This heavy punishment shows clear boundaries to the comedian, so they always walk within their boundaries. However, in China, the extremely serious, tight, and highly censored social climate. Also, the serious consequences for those who belong to the entertainment industry who are supposed to cross their limits.
Li Haoshi, popular as House, grabs the higher authorities’ attention by using a word for or related to the People’s Liberation Army in his concert in Beijing on the weekend; this all happens in century theatre.
As this official criticism got highlighted, he canceled all his shows, and the company Shanghai XiaoGuo Culture Media represented him issued an official apology to the higher authorities, as per the CNN reports.
Furthermore, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism mentioned on Wednesday that a corporation subsidiary would be penalized $1.91 million and stripped of $ 189000 in illegal gains, as per the two-weekend shows of Li’s. Also, apply the restriction on the company that the company is not allowed to perform in the capital for a certain period.
Also, the Beijing police decided to launch an inquiry into Li; as per the Wednesday evening reports, the police stated that his content has some serious insult sentences that insulted the armed forces and negatively impacted society.
Furthermore, a law was passed in 2021; according to that law, no one is allowed to insult the military and slander army persons.
In Addition, a former investigative media person questioned China’s role in the Korean War, featured in the blockbuster movie, the journalist was sentenced to seven months prison last year.
There are possibilities that Li’s jokes might influence many.
According to the news, Li stated during the show, he started a sketch about how he had adopted the two stray dogs when he came to Shanghai.
Furthermore, on the popular Chinese site Weiboo having all the audio records of the show, he shared their chase after a squirrel one day made him recall the eight phrases before starting the controversial lines.
He remarked, “ Fine working style,” able to win the battles, pointing towards the PLA with the most common Chinese Communist party slogan. However, Xi Jinping already used this phrase, that also chairs the Armed forces in 2013 when he shared a list of habits or traits he hoped for from the army. However, this phrase was repeatedly repeated in many public and state media functions.
Shanghai XiaoGuo Culture Media is among the top and largest producers in the house of comedy shows. However, the higher authorities judged that the Starday presentation features “ the content contains a serious insult about the PLAY that might cause a bad social influence, as per the statement issued on Wednesday.
The cultural authority stated that “ no one is allowed, not any company and individual, to wantonly slander the thrilling image of the People’s LiberatArmy in China on the stage, The people are not allowed to have deep feelings for the soldiers to hurt, make fun of the serious topic, and not be content on a serious subject for entertainment.
Also, I apologize to all his Weibo followers with a written apology “ I will tk all the responsibility and also call off all the shows that depict and deeply reflect. I’ll re-educate myself.
As per the News, Shanghai XiaoGuo Culture Media has dismissed the comedian from all the shows and cast.

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