Consumption of fitting things in excessive quantities can also be harmful, and excess water harms health.

By the way, we do many things to keep our health right or to keep our health fit, or we do many such activities so that we can stay healthy and our body can remain fit, then we should try this continuously. Try not to fall prey to any disease, so today, we will talk about some such facts by which we will be able to take care of our health properly. Then we should drink water in the summer season and drink it in excess, but The amount should be as much as is sufficient for the body. If we consume it more, we can become victims of disease, and there can be a decrease in sodium in our bodies.

In summer, we mostly drink sugarcane juice when we go out, but before consuming this juice, we have to pay attention to the environment from where we buy it or its cleanliness. Whether it is there or not, if there is dirt and we consume the juice there, we can become a victim of the disease, and our health can be in danger.

Fruits are considered best for health, then why can fruits be harmful for us?

Often we see that in summer, we like to eat fruits more, but eating fruits can also be harmful to us because the fruits that we buy from the market have bacteria sticking to them, and if we eat them without cleaning them. If we consume them without cleaning or washing them properly, we will surely fall prey to disease because those bacteria will go inside our bodies, which will cause great harm to our bodies, and we will fall prey to disease.

We must remember that whenever we buy fruits from the market, we have to consume them after washing them properly as soon as we come home. Only then will we be able to keep our health good because those fruits will show their qualities in our body only when we use them. Often we see that we consume good things, yet we fall ill, then we think that we consume good things, yet why did we get sick? So the reason for all of that is that we are careless.
Due to this, our body becomes in danger, and we become a victim of disease many times. There is a sodium deficiency in our body, we also drink water in excess, but we drink more and more. Many times we consume water, which is harmful to our bodies, and due to this, there is a decrease in the amount of sodium in our bodies. Then we must use the proper amount of water to remain healthy and fit.

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