Diabetes- Root of all problems in human body

There are different types of diseases that cause harm to the human body. As per WHO there are more than thousand types of disease that cause harm to the human body. But with the implementation of medical science and AI technology, the treatment and mitigation of most of such diseases are introduced. One of such diseases which causes suffering to humankind from a very small age is Diabetes. Diabetes is caused due to an imbalance of insulin and glucagon in the stomach, and the disease is only controllable and can never be cured. There are many treatments available for diabetes or hyperglycemia. Different types of oral dosage forms have been introduced to common people in the last 100 years. Besides, different forms of insulin are available in the market for better mitigation of diabetes.

Regular workout is another efficient way to control the imbalance of insulin and glucagon in the human body. Regular workout helps to improve the body metabolism, reduces the formulation of coagulants, and reduces the chances of insulin glucagon imbalance in the human body. A recent research has been performed under the guidance of Dr Jeroen van Der Velde on which is the best time for workout. Whether it is in the morning or in the evening. Although most doctors and medical practitioners will suggest you to perform the regular workout in the morning for better results, in spite of any special reason. The research was performed by the students of the department of clinical epidemiology, Leiden University Medical college, Leiden, the Netherlands. The group concluded that there is no specific time of workout to get better results. It can be done as per the condition. Besides, the group concluded dome specific instructions that a diebetic patient workout schedule must contain. These are
1. Regular workout but for a short period of time (30 to 45 min)
2. Regular walking and cycling. Is possible swimming.
3. Light workout without the use of any machine. Proper cardio treatment is suggested.
4. Proper amount of rest after the workout.
5. A properly maintained diet after completion of the workout. The diet must contain an etiquette amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins for the patients.

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