Dimple talks about Akshay Kumar and Twinkle’s relationship

Dimple Kapadia, the wife of Rajesh Khanna, is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood. She has done a lot of work in Bollywood, and many films in Bollywood, and her relationship with Sunny Deol also lasted for a long time. But as a whole, she gradually started getting recognition inside Bollywood, and she entered Bollywood at a very young age; she started working in Bollywood at the age of just 13, and after that, she continuously Within Bollywood after superhit films were done, then once during the shooting, Rajesh Khanna’s eyes fell on Dimple Kapadia. He said that he had started liking her very much. He wants to marry Ya Bin, and because of this, When Rajesh Khanna liked Dimple Kapadia, Dimple Kapadia could also be very pleased with Rajesh Khanna. She wanted to interact with him continuously within his films, and in this way, when she was utterly his, Dimple Kapadia was overjoyed when she approached him with the proposal.

Dimple Kapadia recently said that when Rajesh Khanna’s marriage proposal reached her, she was very excited about it. She could not believe that Rajesh Khanna wanted to marry her, and at the time when this proposal came to Dimple Kapadia, Dimple Kapadia was only 17 years old, very young. However, Rajesh Khanna was 35 years old, and the difference between the two was almost half. Despite being only 17 years younger, Dimple Kapadia said yes to marrying because she wanted to spend time with Rajesh Khanna.

Twinkle Khanna is also a famous Bollywood actress.

Rajesh Khanna is considered one of the most famous actors in Bollywood, but his identity inside Bollywood was very different. He earned a lot of fame in Bollywood, and although he is not in this world, he is still being discussed. It can be seen that the way he is making his debut in Bollywood, he used to prepare a lot for that, continuously he has also given many superhit films to Bollywood. His daughter Twinkle Khanna is also entirely acting in Bollywood. She has done less and many films in Bollywood, but her elder daughter’s relationship with Akshay Kumar has been built for a long time, and Akshay Kumar is also very much in love with Twinkle Khanna.

When Akshay Kumar reached Dimple Kapadia’s house for the first time, asking for Dimple Khanna’s hand, Dimple Kapadia ultimately refused him and told him that he was with Twinkle Khanna first and that he would be in a loving relationship for two years only. Yes,. He met the leader for marriage, not to kill her, and he started getting very angry with Akshay Kumar because Akshay Kumar’s relationship with many actresses was being told. However, Akshay Kumar’s relationship with Shilpa Shetty was also being told. An intense relationship was being said about which he was in complete discussion. Dimple Kapadia was afraid that something wrong might happen to her daughter, and in the same way, they were forced to stay together. He was given a chance. However, when he reached the marriage proposal, he did the same thing by getting married, and only after two years did they get married.

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