Do not use your smartphone while going to the toilet.

Nowadays we see that you people have started living very busy. They are also very conscious of their work; In today’s time, people don’t even have time to sleep and they are very busy with their work or their passion, and for this, they are seen using the phone even while going to the toilet and many doctors are concerned about this. Have the right to use a smartphone. It has also been told in the advice that using the smartphone in the toilet affects their mental state the most.

There can be many other disadvantages of using a smartphone inside the toilet. Our problems, like constipation, can also happen very fast, and the digestive power of the stomach also affects it a lot. We do not believe at all that using smartphones can cause diseases. Nevertheless, we should pay attention to some things quickly so that this disease will always be with us. If we do not pay much attention to these diseases, our health will continue to deteriorate and become very weak.

Irritation also comes from the smartphone.

Using a smartphone in the toilet can cause a lot of harm to our bodies; There is a vast difference between our behaviour and the usual way a person behaves. He doesn’t do that; the same smartphone is used this way. It seems that he has become addicted to such an extent that he is constantly seen using it, even inside the toilet.

There are many disadvantages to using a smartphone; It affects the eyes and eyesight while continuously weakening our mental state and trying to increase cybercrime. The most prominent example of smartphones is that people are now using smartphones a lot; Nowadays, the smartphone has become an essential part of life, and people have started using them all the time while eating-drinking, sleeping-awake, drinking-drinking. We use it, even though people have started using it too much and it is very wrong in student life, but nowadays it is seen from small children to elders. Nowadays, we enjoy the convenience of the Internet, and smartphones are used extensively in the Internet world.

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