E-learning and its challenges

The COVID-19 epidemic caused e-learning to become more popular. This circumstance sparked discussions about whether online education is a viable substitute for traditional classroom instruction.
Benefits of online learning:
The COVID-19 pandemic prevents students from attending schools and universities. They kept learning even in this circumstance. The availability of e-learning made this possible.
Due to a lack of facilities, several girls and kids with disabilities aren’t attending schools or colleges. For them, e-learning is a blessing.
Flexibility is provided via e-learning. We can listen to missed lectures later even if we are absent.
If a student still doesn’t get the concepts, they can repeat the session several times.
Through e-learning, teachers can use animations or other technologies to illustrate the topics so that students can understand them much more clearly.
E-drawback learnings include:
The fact that in a traditional classroom, students not only learn the material but also connect and become friends. Students’ whole personality development is influenced by the classroom. Students will be denied this chance if they use e-learning.
Students’ eyes may become fatigued from staring at screens all day.
Teachers might not be able to give each student their whole attention when using e-learning, whereas they can in a classroom. Teachers might not know whether or not students could understand the subject.
The classroom setting is engaging, as opposed to watching lectures on a computer or smartphone, which would be monotonous.
Some people still lack access to the internet even in the twenty-first century. Therefore, e-learning increases the gap between the rich and the poor.
E-learning might not instil as much seriousness as traditional classroom instruction. Students may therefore lack the motivation necessary to pay attention in class.
Not many parents have the technological know-how necessary to assist their kids in case of trouble.
Students could get sidetracked if the tablet has other apps like YouTube. Many students are already addicted to their smartphones. Therefore, parents might not feel secure leaving their kids unattended.

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