Flight departs Amritsar hours ahead of schedule, leaving 35 behind

The DGCA has ordered for an investigation about how the Singapore flight takes off an hour early, by leaving 35 passengers at Amritsar airport.
The investigation was launched by the aviation regulatory authorities just after the flight of Airline Scoot due to depart from Amritsar Airport at 7.55 p.m. This caused havoc at the airport, with disgruntled passengers who were left on airport behind were protesting.
They lodged a complaint with the appropriate airport authorities. When airport officials contacted airline personnel, they were assured that the passengers had been notified of the change in timing of flight scheduling through the e-mail.
He further added that as per ANI “Around 280 people were supposed to go to Singapore, however 253 individuals were rescheduled, and the flight left over 30 passengers on airport”
The DGCA has requested information from Scoot Airline, a Singaporean low-cost carrier and fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, as well as the Amritsar Airport authorities.
According to the airline, all passengers were notified of the time change through email.
According to an airport official, the travel agency who has purchased the 30 tickets for individuals in a group. The agency does not inform the passengers about this rescheduling in flight timing, therefore the airline flew with the passengers who arrived on time.
A similar event occurred recently at Bengaluru airport, when a Go First flight destined for Delhi took off, leaving behind 55 people who were on their way to the flight via a shuttle van.
Passengers who were left behind were allegedly accommodated four hours later on another aircraft.
The DDCA has issued a show cause notice to the Go First Airlines’ COO, asking him for the explanation about why enforcement action should not be conducted against them for the breach of contract.

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