From the release date to the features, here is everything you need to know about the Google Pixel Fold.

According to rumors, Google intends to introduce the Google Pixel Fold, its entry into the foldable phone industry. The most recent Pixel fold leak images have also verified the market rumors. The anticipated phone’s images are also being circulated online. The phone will have a punch-hole display, as shown by the leaked image of the Pixel fold.
The next Google phone will have a 6.4-inch display out of the box, and when expanded, it will give an 8.1-inch screen. It is anticipated that Corning Gorilla Glass Vectus Cover Glass will provide protection for both displays. The Google Tensor G2 chipset and Android 13 operating system will power the Pixel fold.
The smartphone will have 128GB of non-expandable storage and 12GB of RAM. The gadget will have a 5,000mAh battery inside that supports 30W rapid charging and 23W wireless charging. The gadget has a number of additional capabilities, including a display that is constantly on, 5G, reverse charging, water and dust resistance, face unlock, and more.
A 50-megapixel primary sensor, a 48-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens will all be included with the Google Pixel Fold. The phone will come equipped with a 10.8-megapixel ultra-wide lens for selfies. Both cameras reportedly support 4k video recording.
Price of Google Pixel Fold.
The Pixel Fold could cost as much as Samsung’s top-tier foldables, according to some speculations, while others claim it would cost less than the Galaxy Z Fold range. According to Front Page Tech, the Pixel Fold might cost up to $1,799, making it significantly more expensive than the Pixel 7 series and comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The Pixel Fold could cost less than the Galaxy Z Fold line, namely around $1,400, according to a previous Google report(opens in new tab). This would be a pleasant change. The costliest foldable available right now is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which costs $1,799. At $999 and $1,399, respectively, flip phones like the most recent Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Motorola Razr 5G are a touch more reasonable — affordable being a relative term in this case.
With its most recent Pixel phones, Google has taken the strategy of undercutting the competition, with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro both having very affordable prices. In fact, we believe it’s one way the Google Pixels outperform the most recent models of the iPhone and Galaxy phones.
prognosis for Google Pixel Fold.
We believe the moment is perfect for a Google-made folding phone, even though the Google Pixel Fold’s status is still up for debate.
Since software is still often the area holding foldable phones back, we are excited about the possibility of applying that strategy to them.
If Google is successful in that endeavor, it might develop a foldable phone that serves as a model for others to imitate, possibly in terms of both hardware and software. Time will tell in this case, but we’re cautiously excited about the possibility of the alleged Google Pixel Fold.

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