Google Earth user spots an “alien” in a car leaving Internet confused

People all throughout the world like using Google Earth. Internet users appear to be dressed strangely on Google Earth, which attracts a lot of attention on social media.

Humans have long been fascinated and curious about aliens, and there are many conspiracy theories online about UFOs, alien life, and even alien abductions. This time, a woman who was browsing Google Earth claimed to have seen an “alien” hiding in the backseat of a passing vehicle.

The alien was discovered by 45-year-old Crystal Patterson when she was searching for a garage sale in the US hamlet of Mapleton, Maine. Apparently, this assertion has caused a stir on social media. She came upon the strange-looking person while using the imaging platform to locate the garage sale.

I am a little bit naughty that’s why I zoomed in to see the driver because the driver appeared to be completely naked. I initially believed it to be an alien. The property in the background was the site of a garage sale, which is the only reason I discovered it, according to Crystal, who was quoted by Daily Star as saying.I zoomed in because I’m nosy and thought the distortion of the figure in the back made the driver look naked. I initially believed it to be an alien.

Computer application called Google Earth uses satellite photos, aerial photography, and GIS data to provide a 3D representation of towns, cities, and other locations.

Was it really an alien? Many scientists and researchers are doing their research on this because it was a software, so there is no guarantee that it will capture absolutely correct things, so it would not be right to believe this picture with completely closed eyes. Whether this news is completely true or not, it has not been disclosed, but yes, if it really happened to be an alien, then it can really become a matter of concern, so now it depends on the scientists and research reports to find out.

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