Governor of Bengal criticizes its policy

The governor of Bengal has issued a very controversies statement according to which the government in bengali only concentrated towards the removal of the poor and not the property and this is not the approach which completing course along the fundamentals of the Indian country. India is definitely a social country and it cannot do anything which is against the fundamentals of the country as a whole but it is important to understand that something has to be done in the long run forgetting a proper agency over the period of time so that it become essential for the country to develop in the long run without any kind of failure.

but the approach of the government is incorrect then and have to be done something about it as soon as possible so that the politics of being called do not end up affecting the call in the long run and this is definitely the coming the need of the hour. It is important to understand that the kind of success which has to be made with the people is something that has got it possibility because this is something which has to get a track of it as soon as possible.

The state of West Bengal has always be one of the most contribution state and people do not know nothing about it but with all of this information the population of these people have been increasing to a great extent and the proportion of the people below the poverty line has also increased and the leasing behind the same is the lack of employment opportunity available in the state in the lamp of the upper than the part of the government to do anything for the benefit of all of these people over the period of time because it is a duty of the government to provide opposite it so that liquid also have proper amount of accommodationa. It is only possible with the help of proper support and talent that the government is basically looking for but inadequation of poor is definitely not a solution because the major problem of the society that is forgettable continue to be the period of time.

This is one of the most important aspect that has to be taken to consideration because any party that comes up in the state of West Bengal has to look after its own options so that is able to address some of the problems which are cumulatively faced by the country as the world. If become some important to understand that the kind of both are the people want to is something which is beyond expectation right now and it is only with the help of proper planning that something can be done about it

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