GST officers crack down upon fake firms

GST officers have taken a tight control across all the a group of around 30 feet firms who have been in the position to receive the income tax credit of 50 crore rupees over the period of time without being actually authorized to receive such a huge amount. It is important to note that the case has been handled by the central GST best commissioner under his personal guidance and after the proper investigation it came forward that a group of 30 companies has been operating without any legal registration but despite not having a legal background it has managed to receive a total credit of a huge amount of money which has definitely made the matter worse for the country as a whole to manage.

In such a kind of situation it has become very important to understand the basic concept. That the ideology of the companies have changed over the period of time and it is only with the help of proper notion that some growth opportunity can be promoted over the period of time but nothing of this kind is happening because the government has finally been in the position to increase the scrutiny across all the companies that have recently established and dis monitoring them again and again in order to see that some activity is being conducted and the company is not a shell company.

It is important to understand that this particular step has been taken after a lot of companies despite not conducting any economic activity was in the position to earn a huge amount of profit and also claim tax deduction in the return and all of this has been transferred by the end of Government and after proper scrutiny it was found that everything was fake and no such company ever existed in reality and it was only on papers and hence in such a kind of situation the investigation continued for a period of 2 months and after all of this process it became feasible for the country as a whole to know more of it. It is important to understand that with the passage of time the investigation has finally been over and it has come into picture that every thing was well planned by a group of not only two companies but a group of around 30 companies that were involved in this entire scam and the government is taking strict action against all of this as soon as possible.

This is something which must be noted over the period of time for the best results to come ahead because this week definitely motivates the government in the long run to find the result which needs the maximum amount of satisfaction over the period of time. The government is working to investigate other type of companies which are in this particular aspect so that such kind of activity can come to an end and a kind of flexibility is provided to the government over the period of time.

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