Here’s how to begin using Apple’s 5G support for select Indian iPhone owners now that it has arrived | Tech Tips

Apple released the public beta of iOS 16.2 earlier this week. One of the major upgrades included in the software update is 5G capability for some iPhone owners. Remember that as of right now, only owners of iPhone 12, 13, 14, and iPhone SE (2022) will be able to access the update.
Users should be aware that they must activate Airtel and Jio 5G on their compatible iPhones in order to access this service. Only if 5G is accessible in the cities where Airtel and Jio’s 5G services go live will users take advantage of this potential.
The user must update their iPhone to the most recent version of iOS 16.2 beta software in order to begin using 5G. The upgrade will only be accessible to a small group of beta testers, as the name implies. By December, it’s anticipated that the general public will have access to it.
Only participants in the Apple Beta Software Program will be able to access the update since it is only available to beta users. Anyone and everyone is expected to be able to participate in this program. All they have to do to sign up is have a working Apple ID and accept the terms of the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement.
Anyone can enrol in the Beta program, and anyone can withdraw at any time. Users must Unenroll from the page and then follow the instructions to remove their Apple ID from the program in order to exit.
You need the 16.2 beta software for your iPhone in order to activate 5G on your smartphone. Go to Settings and select Mobile Data from the menu. Next, choose voice and data by clicking on Mobile data options. You will then be presented with three options: 4G, 5G, and 5G Auto. If it’s available, the final option, 5G Auto, will assist in switching between the two networks.
In India, Apple has made its supported devices 5G-ready. Apple devices now have 5G functionality thanks to a beta release of iOS 16.2. The launch of 5G in India took place on October 1 during the India Mobile Congress, and all iPhones that support it will soon have access to 5G connectivity.

When service providers Jio and Airtel enabled 5GA network access, all iPhones starting with the 12 series and later would have access to 5G connectivity. You must register for the Beta Program on the website, install a profile, and download the software in order to use 5G on a compatible iPhone.

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