How A WhatsApp Tip Found the Rape and Murder of A 13-Year-Old in Assam

The 13-year-old used to serve as a helper in the home of SSB jawan Krishna Kamal Baruah, who has been charged with attempted rape and attempted murder by the Assam CID.
A local journalist’s WhatsApp message to the chief minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, sparked an investigation into the alleged suicide of a 13-year-old tribal girl who was employed as a domestic helper in the Darrang district. The CID inquiry was requested to determine whether district-level top police officials covered up a case of rape and murder of a young girl by reporting it as a suicide, allegedly after accepting bribes from the accused.
The 13-year-old used to serve as a helper in the home of SSB jawan Krishna Kamal Baruah, who has been charged with attempted rape and attempted murder by the Assam CID. Along with arresting a suspended superintendent of police and suspending the officer in command of the Dhula police station, the CID also filed a separate case of public employee corruption. Three doctors who performed the autopsy and reportedly made a false report denying rape as well as a magistrate who allegedly made a false report have both been placed on administrative leave.
The 13-year-body old was discovered inside Krishna Kamal Baruah’s residence in Dhula in June of this year. The girl had allegedly committed suicide, according to the accused and the local police.
Raj Mohan Ray was the SP of the Darrang district when the case was filed, according to a statement from the Assam Police. After it was discovered via examination of bank accounts and other documents that he had taken 2 lakhs from the accused’s family via the officer-in-charge of the Dhula police station for “providing undue favors to screen the accused and dilution of the case,” a new complaint was filed against him.
The teenager was allegedly raped before being killed, according to the girl’s family members. Two months later, the case was brought back to light after a local journalist tipped off Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma over WhatsApp.
“I requested a status report on the case from the SP of Darrang, and after receiving it, I began to question whether there was anything suspicious about it given that the accused was only arrested after I enquired. I then told the DGP that we needed to reinvestigate the matter, and the case was given to the CID “CM of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma said.
Mr. Sarma visited the victim’s home with Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta and promised a new inquiry, which the SP and Additional SP would conduct.
In order to determine that it was a case of attempted rape and murder, the CID conducted a thorough investigation that included exhuming the deceased person’s body and performing a second post-mortem, forensic testing of the clothing, and DNA testing of the suspect to match semen strains found in the clothing. According to CID officials, the 13-year-old had threatened the accused that she would tell her parents and the accused wife that she had been sexually exploited. As a result, the accused struck the girl in the head and neck with a plant object, strangled her to death, and then hanged her body to simulate suicide.
Within six weeks, we established a Special Team Of investigators (SIT) under the direction of an IGP, and we carried out two essential elements using scientific principles. We also assembled a board of forensic experts to examine all forensic evidence, recreated the crime scene with a dummy of the same weight and height, and demonstrated scientifically that she would not have been able to hang herself with that height. Finally, we used tower location, calls records, and geo-tagging analytics to determine where everyone met and.

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