“I Get 2-3 Kilos of Gaali Daily, But,” the Telangana PM Warns

Without name him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao today, accusing him of corruption and dynastic politics. He asserted that the state requires a “people first, not family first” government.
The PM claimed that many individuals have questioned how, despite working really hard, he never gets fatigued. God has blessed me in such a way that it gets turned into nutrients inside of me, to take it positively, he added. I consume 2-3 kg of gaalis (abuses) every day, so I never get tired, he claimed.
Defend the BJP, criticize Modi, but if you mistreat the Telangana people, you will pay terribly, he added.
The prime minister made an appeal to the party faithful, saying, “I have a personal plea for the Telangana karyakartas. Some people will use the most egregious attacks against Modi out of desperation, fear, and superstition. I beg you not to use these tricks to lead yourself astray.
The Prime Minister claimed that for the last 20 to 22 years, he had endured various forms of abuse directed at him. They had used every abusive word in their vocabulary. They perform it because they are at their wits’ end. However, I beg you to smile, unwind, and have a cup of tea while holding out hope that the lotus may bloom the next morning.
After that, PM Modi charged that the state government had obstructed the state’s development program on purpose.
The PM also made fun of KCR’s “superstitious views,” asserting that all important choices, such as where to live, where to work, who to choose as a minister, who to fire, etc., are made based on superstition. He continued, “It is the largest obstacle to social justice.”
“The information technology industry is based in Telangana. However, it is quite distressing to see superstition being encouraged in this contemporary metropolis. To develop Telangana and advance it from its current state of backwardness, we must first eradicate superstition in this region “added he.
According to the PM, the opposition parties are attempting to build a coalition because they are concerned about agency probes into possible corruption.

Despite claiming that there is widespread corruption in the state, PM Modi claimed that his administration’s promotion of digital transactions and online payments has considerably reduced corruption because those transactions can be monitored. “Online payment reduces the possibility of corruption. It establishes a direct conduit between the populace and the government, “added said.
demonstrating his flagship “The PM claimed that thanks to the “tri-shakti” of Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, and Mobile, “we have been able to remove all bogus beneficiaries. Money is being directly deposited into the accounts of the underprivileged. Prior to now, fraud was used to steal the money and rations intended for the poor “promising that the BJP is prepared to give the people of Telangana the same system.
The Telangana government, according to the Prime Minister, is preventing individuals from receiving benefits from federal welfare program. He cited the Center’s affordable housing program as an example and said that three crore dwellings have been constructed and distributed to the underprivileged around the nation. “However, despite the 2BHK guarantee, even the PM Awaas Yojana was not permitted here. The Telangana administration is causing problems in the PM Awaas Yojana despite all the efforts of the Centre. The happiness of having a roof over their heads has been denied to the people of Telangana by this government “added he.

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