India got defeated in the World Test Championship, Australia defeated India for the first time and won their name

Whenever the final of the Test Championship, both the Indian team and the Australian team were fully prepared to clash with each other. He got it right, and his batting worked very well. His team had set a massive score of 437 runs in front of the Indian team, not that the Indian team could not reach even near the score and the Indian team was in danger of follow-on, but Whenever it was expected that India would get a good lead in the second innings, due to which India would be able to give an excellent target to Australia.

They did not give any lead to the Australian team. Even the Indian team lagged behind the Australian team’s score, after which they thought it was right to bat again. To give a huge score, and a target he understood right, he gave a massive target to the Indian cricket team to chase which the Indian team North and the Indian team’s initial wickets fell very early, after which it became complicated for the Indian team to recover. But still, Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli were seen fighting continuously.

India’s continuous poor performance once again faced defeat.

India has reached the final of the World Test Championship for the second time in a row, and when he reached the first final, he got defeated by New Zealand, but now when he again reached this final after two years, he got a big win from Australia. Faced with defeat, the Australian team defeated the Indian team by a massive margin of 209 runs and took the final of the World Test Championship. At the same time, Australia’s team is also being said as the strongest Test team because he has pushed the Indian team back. It is an excellent achievement for him.

The Indian team could not show a good game at all in the final, and their batting looked very weak, while their bowlers were also not seen performing well, and they also looked very weak, which was expected. Was that now the Indian cricket team could not come up again in this final? However, it also appeared to be happening because of how Mohammad Siraj, Mohammad Shami, and Umesh Yadav bowled. They could have done it to a good level but not at all. At the same time, the opening partnership of the Indian team was also not good at all; even Rohit Sharma and Gill did not play a good innings.

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