India will make powerful engines for all fighter planes.

The world’s biggest news now is that India will make powerful engines for all the fighter jets that will be built. Shortly before, there was an agreement between G GR and HAL in which Modi and Biden announced the drone deal. And the agreement between America and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to make the powerful engine of the F414 fighter aircraft was done shortly before. Under this, it was decided that India would be responsible for making the engine of all these fighter aircraft. Only India will make their engines, and for some time, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has been on a tour of America, and in America, he has gone on a tour of America to discuss a lot of issues.

Elan Musk is the richest man in the world and has his electric car, scooty, and many other products that he produces. While talking to the Indian Prime Minister, he talked about setting up his factory in India. The Indian Prime Minister gave it Has approved, and in no time, Elon Musk will set up his electric company’s factory in India, and this will benefit a lot in India too; unemployment will reduce because if such a big factory is set up in India, then Indian youth will get employment in it, which will help a lot. Get rid of unemployment.

Indian villagers will get many facilities.

Suppose the Tesla company’s factory is set up in India. In that case, it will develop the rural areas of India, and this will provide internet facilities, transport facilities, or any other facilities to the rural areas of India because so much If a big factory is established in the rural areas of India, then it is possible to develop the rural areas. It is a perfect thing for the rural areas, and if there is so much improvement in the rural areas, then the country will also progress, and India will continue on the path of progress. But the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in America for some time because he has reached there to make big deals. Through all these deals, he has only one objective to provide employment opportunities in India, and India is on the path of continuous progress.

A very senior official in America has also heard the news that India will soon sign the mission made by NASA to go to the moon, and soon Joe Biden and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi can announce it. And also, Joe Biden is considering investing 800 to 900 million dollars inside India. In this, a test facility worth about 2 point 80 billion dollars will be set up from the Indian side, which will be done jointly by both countries. This is considered a massive project. So far, no one has made such a significant investment, and if this investment is successful, then India will go in a different direction. The people of India will be pleased because employment opportunities will be provided, and India’s rural areas will continue to grow.

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