iPhone 15 Pro: 5 Things You Can Expect

Since their launch, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are considered to be the best premium quality smartphones anyone can buy. Their brilliant cameras and other features made them the most trending smartphone in the market.

But their developer company Cupertino is also doing very hard work on the iPhone 15 Pro, which is going to be released in 2023. According to the rumors, it is going to be very different from iPhone 14 Pro. Here are the 5 biggest rumors about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.
iPhone 15 Pro Ultra Going To Replace The Pro Max Model
Some rumors are guessing that the Pro Max model will now be called as iPhone 15 Ultra. This change may be because of the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. This suffix “Ultra” sounds cool as well as provides strong appeal among premium customers. Apple’s idea is to make the 15 Pro a different product and this change of name to “Ultra” from “Pro Max” is making great sense.
A New Titanium Design Coming With Rounded Edges
Apple Watch Ultra comes with a Titanium case, therefore, a durable, Titanium body is what we can see in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. But you will still find the glass panel on the rear. In iPhone 15 Pro you may get a rounded back panel, instead of the flatter one found in the previous iPhones. You can hold your smartphone more easily and comfortably, due to the curved, round back edges of the iPhone 15 Pro.
Faster Data Transfer With USB-C
In place of Apple’s Lightning Port, you may see a USB-C port this time. This is going to happen due to new regulations in the EU, that’s why they don’t have any choice. An Apple analyst recently tweeted that iPhone 15 models are going to adopt the USB-C connection standard next year. iPhone 15 Pro will definitely get a remarkable boost in wired transfer speeds.
Periscope Lens Technology
There is a rumor that there will be a Periscope lens on iPhone 15 Pro. A Prism or combination of mirrors are used to bend light in a Periscope camera. It can help in improving the camera’s zooming range. This technology will provide Apple a lossless optical zoom that does not compromise with image quality during zooming. Imagine about 10x optical zoom on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro!

Costlier Than The iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro range is very costlier in different parts of the world, including India. Apple will continue its trend of making expansive smartphones with the iPhone 15 Pro too. A new tweet from an anonymous industry representative LeaksApplePro has disclosed that the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 15 Pro is considerably higher than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The cost is still not clear, but it’s confirmed that iPhone 15 Pro Max is going to be an expensive device.

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