Iran SC executes traffickers

The supreme court of Iran has taken a very strategic step by executing the head of an organisation who was accused of trafficking women to neighbouring countries. The leader of the group was responsible to transfer the trafficked women for prostitution and at the same point of time get a huge amount of money in return. A man named Alex is responsible for this entire trafficking network. He has been maintaining a huge network of Iranian women and girls and all of them have been sold to The Western countries at discounted prices. The court has concluded that this is one of the most serious offences against humanity. Capital punishment is the most appropriate form of punishment for this kind of offence so that it can act as a deterrent for the world at large. Alex has captured 15 women from Malaysia and bribed the officers of the police in order to get them transported to Iran. It was in the year of 2021 that he was sentenced to death on the ground of incision corruption against humanity and human morality.

The Judiciary of Iran has been always able to establish an example before the world at large that there is zero tolerance for any crime against humanity and trafficking is a serious offence. It is not only a crime against the personality of the individual but also it is against the rule of law and liberty. According to recent reports the members of LGBT community have been the most vulnerable to get trafficked. Two women were sentenced to death last year when they were found guilty of being involved in a huge racket. This is a very important lesson to All those organisations who are trying to participate in human trafficking in one or the other way to stop them and then because law will definitely find them and prosecute them for all they have committed against humanity and most importantly against the children and women.

The government has also made a stringent law against human trafficking and has imposed capital punishment on all the offenders who are found guilty. The international partners have appreciated the country for taking a tough stand against these crimes against humanity because it is only with the help of this method that such instances can be reduced. The government has also decided to compensate the victims of trafficking and provide them the facilities of rehabilitation so that they can restore their lives. It is also receiving adequate support from the United Nation and is undertaking all the measures that will be helpful to make the life of the women and children beautiful. It is definitely a sad state of affairs to witness an exponential increase in all these crimes over the period of time. The government must definitely do something about this and must sign agreements with international neighbours so that this crime can be eliminated from the world.

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