Jio Games Cloud Beta Is Now Available for Everyone, Airtel & Vi Users Can Also Have Access, See Requirements

Beta version of JioGamesCloud is now available to everyone for early access. If you are interested in this you can sign up for the JioGamesCloud beta and check out games from its index, all over the JioGames app. You can play the games instantly without the need of downloading or installing or updating.
Load times of games and their performance will depend on the internet connection you are using. JioGamesCloud is right now available for free, not only for Jio customers, even those who are using an Airtel or Vi number. But after sometime it could be expected to be locked behind a subscription plan.
Jio Games Cloud Controller Support
JioGamesCloud will function similarly to other phone-based titles on android devices, featuring on-screen controls, which could be expanded through a bluetooth controller. JioGamesCloud, writes on its official website’s FAQ section that you would need a controller (wired or bluetooth) connected to your Set-Top-Box and to the JioGamesNow application to play the games on your television.
How To Play Games On JioGamesCloud
To play the games on your android you must be logged in using a phone number, it could be other than Jio also. Games will run on 5G connection of Wi-Fi, and will support Android 5.0 to Android 12.0. Now, on smartphones, JioGamesCloud is also added as a new tab on the JioGames app, in which its limited library is listed, categorized by genres.
JioGamesCloud to bring Nvidia GeForce Now
Recently, JioGamesCloud has a very limited games library. But it is expected to grow in the coming future. Reliance has also tied up with Nvidia to introduce GeForce Now through JioGamesCloud, as claimed by a support team member. A leaked screenshot has boosted the claim, which shows a GeForce tab with listings such as Watch Dogs 2, Trackmania, and Destiny 2.
JioGamesCloud Games Library
Games Library of JioGames Cloud is very limited as of now, Here are the top games of the library:

● Saints Row IV
● Kingdom Come Deliverance
● Garfield Kart Furious Racing
● Beholder
● Garfield Kart Furious Racing
● Flashback
● Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (controller-only)
● Steel Rats
● Deliver Us The Moon
● Blacksad: Under the Skin
For early access, JioGamesPlay is now available for free on the JioGames Android app, desktop browser and JioFiber set-top box. After the completion of beta testing it would be expected to come with a subscription-based service. Still there is nothing clear about the full scale launch, but it is hinted by some team members that it may be launched in January 2023.

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