Madhuri’s song embarrasses Indian culture, remained in controversy for a long time.

If we talk about the actress around 1990, she is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of the time; although even now, people are very much convinced of her beauty and beauty. We can hear stories from people even today, many people are considered their favorite actresses, and they constantly follow her, watch her old films, and watch her new movies; in this way, Madhuri Dixit is regarded as one of Bollywood’s favorite actresses. Inside, Rolle was huge, and Madhuri Dixit had done a lot of films at that time, attracting people a lot towards her.

At that time, Madhuri Dixit’s film Khalnayak had come in which there was a song Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai; there was a lot of controversy over that song because people said that this song was very obscene, and this song was banned. It should have been used, but then gradually, people started understanding this song, but at that time, this song got into so many controversies that there was talk of stealing its cassettes from the market; people had even said that the market would pick up their cassettes from them and will not allow their cassettes to run in the market at all.

Once, 32 organizations together opposed the film and opposed this song and that this song should be removed from the movie. The writer of this song, Anand Bakshi, said that there was nothing wrong with this song and this song was absolutely right, we are having some problems with its lyrics.

This song was done by All India Radio.

All India Radio has completely stopped this song, and they had said that there had been a lot of controversy over this song, and due to this, they will no longer show this song on their radio channel, and in the coming time, this song will not be played on their radio. But I will never hear after that, the director and producer of the film said that this was the right song. There was nothing wrong with it. It was people’s thinking that they were taking this song the wrong way. Although there are many Punjabi songs with lyrics like this, we listen to them, but there is nothing obscene in them.

Gradually everyone started to understand this song, then people became convinced of this song and became very crazy about Madhuri Dixit’s acting. Madhuri Dixit said that when people started watching this film, people started watching this film. She gave a lot of love to the film and then did it with 100000 cassettes in just seven days, due to which it became more famous. Madhuri Dixit has also said that this film was critical in her career, and she did a lot of work for this film and practiced a lot to dance to this song.

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