Man performs Kesariya on guitar for officers

At Marine Drive, a man performs Kesariya on guitar for officers. This is what Mumbai is all about, according to Internet.
A video of a young man singing the song “Kesariya” for two Mumbai police officers on Marine Drive has gone viral.
The movie, posted on Instagram by the artist Shiv, shows him dancing easily on a street for two young men and two Mumbai Police officers. He performs on guitar the song Kesariya from the freshly released Brahamastra, captivating his audience with his voice and interpretation.
According to the video’s description, the performance took place on South Mumbai’s Marine Drive.
Towards the end of the performance, the officer on the motorbike can be seen smiling, discreetly praising Shiv’s deep voice. “His grin carried me away,” the singer captioned the video.
The video quickly went viral, receiving over 1.2 lakh likes on Instagram. It also had about a million views. The kind gesture of playing a song for officers astounded netizens. They commended both the performance and the spirit of Mumbai for generating such amazing moments.
“This is what Mumbai is all about,” said user Iyanah Engineer.
“This purity has been verified. “Mumbai has it everything,” Instagram influencer Nikita Dhongdi Shah joked.
Later, the video was uploaded on Mumbai Police’s official Instagram account, with the description “Verified Mumbaikar Mumbai Police – a fantastic ‘love storiyan’ indeed!”
Mumbai Police responded on Twitter to a video sent by a Twitter user in which the user inquired whether Mumbai Police could come to Chennai.
“We are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, you are always welcome in our beautiful city of Mumbai! “We guarantee you that we will be there to protect and serve,” Mumbai Police tweeted from its Twitter account.

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