Microsoft 365 finally gets ChatGPT

Microsoft 365 will now become even better as ChatGPT is soon to be added to it. This addition to Microsoft 365 will change the work pattern in several companies and organizations. This system will be added to all Microsoft 365 tools such as Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Excel to beat the fast-moving AI race.
The use of Artificial Intelligence is growing in almost every sector. Looking at the speedy phase of AI growth, Microsoft Company finally decided to upgrade its important work tools for the better work environment. Microsoft calls ChatGPT a Copilot system.
Special things about the Copilot system
The copilot system will really change the work style in the coming times. It will help to choose the key points of the work meetings. It will also show the joining time of team members and those who are late to the meeting.
Copilot will be used to create PowerPoint presentations by adding images. It drafts emails in seconds and even analyses long email threads. In Excel spreadsheets, Copilot will help to make graphs of data.
Human-like behavior in ChatGPT
Chat GPT works somewhat like humans. It will answer the questions just like humans do. The system can even answer complicated questions and abstract ones. But tech experts say that ChatGPT might give inaccurate replies in certain cases.
Satya Nadella said that ChatGPT will change the style of working fundamentally. He also stated that the system can also make some mistakes at times.
Talking more about the Copilot system, Satya Nadella said that this system will help to reduce the workload in the workplace.
The idea behind the making of ChatGPT
The idea behind the development of the ChatGPT system is simple. This system is mainly developed to help Microsoft users with their regular office tasks. Satya Nadella said that the company is now moving forward from the Autopilot system to the Copilot system.
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