Must Have Nutrients To Keep Yourself Away From Cold, Resources Where You Can Get These Nutrients.

As you know, days are shorter and nights are longer in winters. This disturbs our periodic rhythm causing enough production of melatonin by the body. Taking into consideration, many days we do not get enough exposure to sun, due to which Vitamin D level in the body decreases causing anxiety and mood swings.

To handle these winter problems we must have to step out and try to get the maximum exposure you can. You should also add important nutrients to your diet to improve your immunity, mood and keep yourself away from winter ailments. Here is the list of some important nutrients that you must include in your diet to boost your immunity and protect yourself from seasonal illnesses caused in the Winters.
Nutrients Essential For Everyone During Winters
Some important nutrients for winters:
It helps in regulation of the body temperature and maintains healthy skin, cell growth, hair and also maintains haemoglobin.
Sources: Spinach, honey, green leafy vegetable pomegranate, red meat,, fortified foods, beetroot, broccoli, jaggery, and dry fruits and seeds.
Calcium is very necessary for growing kids. It maintains healthy and strong bones. Calcium is very important for your heart, muscles and nerves to function properly. According to some studies calcium, along with vitamin D, may have advantages beyond bone health such as, protection against cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sources: Green and leafy vegetables, milk and its products, dry fruits and seeds, lean meat, and soya products.

It must be included in our winter diet as it contains more than 300 enzymes that are essential for maintaining growth in children and fertility in adults, repairing wounds and keeping ourselves protected against free radicals.It also has some other important functions in the body.
Sources: Eggs, black-eyed peas, meat, oysters, sea-food, tofu, and wheat germ
Also called as folate or vitamin B9, is necessary for appropriate cell growth. It is a nutrient, important for every woman, especially for pregnant and who are trying to conceive.
Sources: Spinach, beetroot, broccoli. Mustard green, orange, Banana, egg.
Vitamin C is a natural immunity booster. It can be found in a variety of seasonal vegetables & fruits. Its consumption helps to keep off cold and other seasonal ailments.
Sources: Lemon, , tomato, citrus fruits, carrots, beetroots, green leafy vegetables, kiwi fruits
Vitamin A works as an antioxidant and helps in the growth of bones, teeth and soft tissues. It also boosts the immune system by keeping the body’s natural defenses healthy.
Sources: Spinach, apricots, carrot, pulses, tomato and sweet potatoes.
During winters, days get shorter and nights get longer, the levels of Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin may be reduced in the body. It’s necessary to take it with your daily food.
Sources: Egg yolk, dairy products, orange juice, fatty fish like tuna, salmon,.and mackerel.

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