Narendra Modi arrives in Japan to attend a G7 meeting.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for Japan to attend the G7 meeting of the world’s most powerful countries and has reached there. There will be a meeting of almost all the countries in the world which have established their military power or their economic status or dominance, which are at the top of the world at the moment, and in very different ways. Many decisions will be taken from and for society and the countries to correct the foreign strategy. There will also be a long discussion on how the world’s environment can be improved and how violence can be reduced in the coming times.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a press conference here before leaving, during which he said that on the strategy of China, he would hold a meeting there. He would tell China’s strategy there and how China is also continuously harming India. He has been seen delivering. Along with this, the focus of the meeting of these countries will be that in such a way that they can impose restrictions on China and how they can be taken in the same correct form so that there is no harm to the world in any way and this Don’t give birth to violent tendencies. Ever since Coronavirus has come into this world, China has been its biggest culprit, but China has not accepted this till now, nor has it accepted this.

America will impose 352 restrictions on China.

America will impose about 352 sanctions on China, and they told these sanctions in such a way that it tries to harm every country in different ways in different areas. He also continuously sends military weapons to Pakistan so that terrorist organizations are more in Pakistan, and those organizations go to other countries and explode their bombs and harm the people there. At the same time, China has had a hand in increasing the continuous violence inside and abroad. However, the Chinese do not do this work themselves. They do this work by giving money to other countries and preparing their army without greed. This is why America will keep a close watch that China should be completely rejected from the world this time.

China is currently considered the dirtiest country in the world because it is ahead in many things; there are many manufacturers, where things are cheap, and it is a big country in the electric world. But he constantly remains in the headlines due to his activities, and he does such activities that the people here are constantly troubled by him, and he does not do such things for his people. He does it for the public. And its strategy is always to trouble the world, so now America will impose many restrictions on it inside this meeting.

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