NASA records movement of asteroids near earth

According to the latest report by the American agency NASA, asteroids are approaching the earth at a great speed. This is a major cause of concern because these asteroids will collide with the earth and this will be a massive disaster towards human life. The American scientist has also given a warning that an asteroid the size of a bus is expected to make a closest approach towards the earth by the end of this week. The asteroid has been named as JL1 and it is expected to pass by the earth at a distance of 25 lakh kilometres. This is the closest distance for an asteroid that has been recorded after 50 years by NASA. The asteroid is as big as a 39 feet tall bus. It is already travelling at a speed of 26000 km per hour. It is travelling along with two other asteroids mainly 2023 J01 and 2023 JD2. The first asteroid is 46 feet and the second asteroid is 200 feet which is equal to the size of an aeroplane. Both of them will approach the earth and will be located at a distance of 29 lakh km and 5600000 km respectively.

Different warnings have already been issued time and again not only from asteroids but also from comets. According to the sources, they are within a range of 7.5 million kilometres from the Earth. There is a near objects to earth category curated by NASA. this category basically includes 30000 asteroids of different sizes. These asteroids are formed after the remains suspended in space collect in the form of Huge rocks. It is important to note that different asteroids are of different shapes and sizes and they are formed at different locations from the Earth and the Sun.

Asteroids have different properties which make them different and distinct from each other over the period of time. They are very hard and have a huge gravitational force. This force is exerted on the earth at the time of collision. If this happens for real then it would be opening the possibilities of volcanoes and earthquakes to a great extent especially across the North and South Pole of the world because these reasons are very vulnerable to calamities. According to the latest development NASA had recorded the movements around the earth which will soon get converted into calamity but for the time being the exact situation is not clear. All the scientist are working towards recording the latest movement so that no issue arises in the future. Such precautions are very essential in order to prevent the long term possibilities.

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