Naseeruddin Shah talks about his friendship with Om Puri.

Inside Bollywood, many people are constantly seen becoming victims of controversies. All these opinions are continually being sent between actors and actresses. Still, they are unaffected by all these things and always get much attention. A lot of good things were happening here continuously, where Nasruddin Shah, one of the greatest actors of Bollywood, worked in the same way in Bollywood as in films. He has worked, fitted himself into every role, and shown awareness towards work in the position. People are constantly encouraged by him and love him a lot, even at night. Also, the way his acting is very dedicated, the way he tries to enter into his drama in Taj ultimately, he likes his new character very much.

In today’s time, if no one holds back to entertain people, then Nasruddin Shah’s name comes first. The way Nasruddin Shah entered Bollywood, he never looked back after that. He is much older than him, and he did not realize he could do this kind of acting. The way Nasruddin Shah prepared himself for his acting was unique for him. It’s a great thing, and even today, when he does this acting at 75, people are very encouraged by him.

Nasruddin Shah had faced many problems in his life.

While giving a complete account of his life during an interview, Nasruddin Shah said that he had to face many problems, too, but he never backed down from the issues and kept himself ahead. The more attention you pay to the work you will continue to do, it will be much better for Puri Krishna. Still, a few days after his debut in Bollywood, he met Om Puri and sharing time with Om Puri seemed like too much of a channel for him, and They became excellent friends. They both valued each other’s friendship very much. However, Om Puri is no longer in this world, Nasruddin. Shah constantly misses her a lot. He misses everything about her and is also seen talking much about her.

Nasruddin Shah said that when he started working in Bollywood, he had never imagined that the woman with whom he worked in Bollywood would be considered so much. He started working on new films one after the other. He also appeared in Bhopal Bandit Queen on India-Pakistan relations. After this, there was a lot of criticism against him, but he did not seem to say anything against the same complaint. He constantly says he does not want to hurt any people; he always wants to express his views, and there is no significant reason behind his thoughts. He loves his country very much. He considers the government first; hence, giving importance to any country is not a big deal for him, and he will always stand for the country India.

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