New ordinance passed in New Delhi

The central government has been able to establish a national capital service authority in New Delhi according to the recommendations of the Delhi Lieutenant Governor. This ordinance will also mandate the setting up of a permanent body that will be able to exercise the power of the executive government in all the matters related to the services. The new Ordinance would be in a position to give executive power in all the services matters to the Lieutenant Governor from the Delhi government. This scheme of Administration is actually formulated by law in order to balance domestic and the national interest. It is a collective responsibility of the central government and the Government of Delhi to fulfil the needs and aspirations of all the people so that development can take place. The government has disclosed all the possible opportunities in order to mitigate the gap between the two levels of government.

The new authority will consist of a special body that will consist of important dignitaries such as the Chief Minister of Delhi and the chief secretary of Delhi including the principal home secretary of the Government of Delhi. It will also contain the important members of the central government that will oversee the performance of the body and will also give recommendations in order to improve the functioning for the betterment of the efficiency. The central government will also try to focus on increasing the level of governance in the national capital of India. It is important to understand that all of these measures have been implemented in order to provide a better governance to the people of Delhi in comparison to the international standards in order to fulfill the international commitments. The Government of India has decided to present this Ordinance before the houses of Parliament so that it can become a law. If this ordinance gets converted into a law then it will be helpful to exercise better control over the state governments by the central government.

This particular step has been taken to increase the power of the Governor in the national capital. It is already well known that the governor is the representative of the president in the state and he continues to hold the office according to the wishes of the central government. If the powers of the Governor increase then automatically the foothold of the Central Government in the national capital will also increase and it will definitely help the central government to win the elections scheduled to be held in 2024. The government is definitely helpful to improve the efficiency of the services but the validity of the law and be question before the supreme court according to the terms of the Constitution of India.

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