New sedition law to come to picture

The government has possibly come with the new law in order to torture the Indian store great extent because in the monsoon session it has been in the position to propose the new suggestion law and according to this particular law it will be getting difficult for the people to discover that both actually a mouse to suggestion and what type of criminal charges can be labid on them as soon as possible because it is a very exhausted according to the dimensions of the score it will become impossible for the people to even understand what is happening and once we get to understand it will be two late for them to get from the punishment which is particular law would be in the position to impose for even the slightest mistake. The language of this particular law is likely to be baby exhaustive and dis is definitely going to become a major headache for a lot of journalist who always try to attack the policy of the one of the most important type of person who is likely to be affected with all of this is none other than but the opposition parties and after what has recently happened to the Rahul Gandhi the possibility of this qualification from Lok Sabha seats to be very obvious

This new criminal law will be able to make the decision of punishable of pens and the language of sedition would be daily brought and white because these policy have been taken note of and multiple aspects of these policy have been wondering the fact that this is not going to work for the people at all and if things have been working to the best then automatically it will not be easy for them to hope up with the worst as according to the language of the law and me expression that takes a tall on the government by even stating the name in a negative ways will be come out and two sedition and this is something which is definitely not expected in the democratic society because India has always been able to with hold the fundamental right of speech and expression and at this point of time it cannot afford to impose such a strict law upon the people because nobody has been expecting such a kind of implication.

Is not something common in the democratic government but if this law which has been proposed his finally passed then this will be a huge lost to the democracy of India and people will be able to get back on the government in multiple ways because it is not the way in which government my secret to respond and if the government has been doing that for some of the Seasons then it has to stop immediately because it is not going to take the government in the long run and this is the most possible. The Indian democracy has always faced failures but if this particular anatoment is brought into picture then could be challenged before the Supreme Court on the first day itself because the speech in only subject to certain constraints and the definition of the constants cannot be broadled to an extent to take away the actual right because if it is done then it will be a black day for democracy which is the government cannot afford to take place around the corner and with all the relationship.

This relationship will make sense only when both of the people have this support a each other but if the people do not enjoy this support to this particular kind of cloth then the government has to think about it once again the four implementing the final version because at the end the determination of the people Matches and the willingness to sponsor Multiplex also takes into figure

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