NeXt exam to decide the future of the children

The Medical Council of India has come up with the latest rules of examination. According to the sources, NeXt will be the next examination that students will have to prepare for after qualifying the MBBS examination. This particular examination will be very important in order to obtain a licence that will allow the students to practise modern medicine. It is only with the help of this examination that the quality of medical examination in the country will improve for the medical graduates. This examination is known as the national exit examination. It is important to note that the students who qualify for a set criteria will only be in the position to apply for this examination. The students will be required to qualify the most important under graduate examination of MBBS and also at the same point of time, they have to appear for post graduation so that the post graduation seat is also allocated to them as soon as possible. It is definitely based on the merit of the students and according to the decision of the authority some of these will also be reserved for the foreign medical students.

Even the academic cell of the Indian Medical institution has given the acceptance of this particular examination for the upcoming batches so that it is possible for these students to gain Holistic information over the period of time. The entire information with respect to the conduct of examination will be decided in the next month after the complete meeting of the board of directors comes into being. It is important to understand that the best part of deliberation is to decide the important questions which have the level of difficulty and the time duration. All of these factors will be decided after taking into consideration the opinions of different ministries and departments which are associated with medical education in one or the other way. The Final Decision has not been taken till yet and all the important parameters associated with this examination will be finalised in a year or so. This means that all the undergraduate students for the upcoming batch will have to appear for this examination even if it is finalised by the end of next year.

The decision to conduct this examination was basically made in order to test the capability of the students who will be the medical profession and also to give us strong message that the quality is always quantity and the aim of the medical institution in the country to provide the best quality of doctors and this can be possible. This is one of the most important aspects which must be taken into consideration over the period of time for the well being of the students in the long run. It is only with the help of collective efforts that the technology to improve the medical science and improved

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