Now you can withdraw money from an ATM using UPI

Generally, it is seen that we need an ATM card to withdraw money. Still, now it is not, so even if you don’t have an ATM card then, you can also use UPI’s transaction ID and UPA’s key ID. By this, you can easily withdraw your money through the bank, for this you will not have any problem in any way. You can withdraw this money through any e-friend or by going anywhere, and it is very easy. And we can easily do any money transaction.

In this way, the online transactions which have been promoted are increasing more effectively, and in this way, the UPI transactions which are growing are a big deal in itself. In the digital world, online transactions are a significant achievement for the banks. It has also become very easy for the banks because the account of the repeated transactions is done online, so they repeatedly need to download their data to the banks, and the server is there. It doesn’t have to be done, and people can easily do their work through online transactions, so online transactions are the most prominent use of the digital world.

Bank of Baroda first started UPI transaction transactions.

Bank of Baroda first started the facility of UPI transactions; through an Aadhaar card, any friend can easily withdraw money by putting his fingerprint on you; it is very easy for everyone. Because they have to go to the bank again and again and they can transact their money from there itself, they can also deposit money there and withdraw the money from their account and account, for this you don’t need to write anything. You don’t have to stand inside the big lines inside the bank; you have to put in your fingerprint and your Aadhaar card number; If that e-friend doesn’t know, he will give you your account. He will remove the case from you and give it to you.

There is a limit for this in Bank of Baroda, you can withdraw only ₹ 10000 from it every day through UPI transactions, and you can withdraw it in two different parts, such as five ₹ 5000, can also withdraw them. Wherein you can withdraw together, you can save in whose name for the second time, but its limit has not been kept at more than 10,000. However, other banks have also started the practice of this facility completely. Now different You can also facilitate such transactions through banks, but till now, most of the customers of Bank of Baroda are getting this benefit.

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