Pension rules to amend the civil services

The central government has decided to change the rules with respect to the available facilities that a given to the Indian civil services such as Indian Administrative Services and Indian police services with respect to the payment of pension and according to the latest update it will be possible for the government to take an action against the pension table to the services at any point of time and the government can also stop that immediately without even issuing a Lotus to the person to whom the pension has been issued at this is considered to be able to misuse of the power of the executive because the Indian Administrative Service is likely to be affected to a great extent with the help of all of these features and this is going to be a serious problem which has to be taken into account as soon as possible because a lot of people do not have an idea about how things will function if the government is able to exercise the power without any specific try PVR and on the basis of its own wishes because it will be completely against the motion of rule of law.

The government must also get a basic idea that without the support of the people it might not be feasible for them to understand the value of hard work because if these people do not get the right to pension then automatically there is no point in working so hard for the most dangerous place in India and the government is definitely working in the best possible way but Sach kind of incidence has been able to be motivate the people to a great extent and it has to be sorted out as soon as possible before it is too late because it will definitely leave a a bad infection upon all those people who I willing to be a part of this but do not want to become a part of this because of the excessive power that is exercised by the government upon the people. If all of these kind of activities continue beyond the level of expectation then the time is not 5 a wave in people will stop becoming a part of the service because it will be completely consoled by the government and their will be no way in which people could prevent themselves from being a part of the same.

This is a basic idea which has got its own motivation and it has to get notified as soon as possible because most of the people do not realise that what is the limitation of peace programs and if the existing loss with respect to the privileges available to these people have been changed then a huge amount of yours would be caused to the people. This is definitely something beyond the comprehension levels and something has to be done about it as soon as possible to avoid the loss in the future.

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