Rajasthan has become a big challenge for all parties this time.

The Congress party chief is seen in a different place in Rajasthan, where there is much discussion about his politics. According to him, the politics of Rajasthan will work here. It should be seen that a lot of efforts have been made, and they are caught doing it here, they are also seen being ultimately successful in their efforts, although their government believes that it cannot re-establish its government here. He will be successful in repeating because his work here has been excellent, and he is also very excited about his work. Hence, he will not have to face any problems here.

It is not very easy for any party to win the elections in Rajasthan; it is difficult for them here, and in the same way, the Congress party will have to believe very quickly that the elections here will be tough for them. He feels it is not so easy to win because of his performance in the last five years; many people would prefer it. However, for the Congress party, this time in June, it is a matter of mobile distribution for them. It can also create a big dilemma because it is not a properly running scheme. Through this, many families have got phones, but many families have not been given the facility of this phone even to this day. There is an excellent need for phones; these smartphones have yet to reach low-income families. Hence, this scheme can be very harmful to them, and it will be fully known in the coming time what is the service of smartphone distribution to them. How it was making them successful and how it entirely depended on their life or the upcoming politics.

Only 44 lakh women will get smartphones in Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan, the Congress Party has started its new scheme under which it is giving smartphones in exchange. It is seen giving these smartphones to women utterly free of cost so they can avail themselves of the benefit in the upcoming elections. He said that he does not want to leave any stone unturned in the polls this time and is continuously trying to ensure his actions are successful. For this, he is constantly seen calling the public by completing offers to the people in advance, but the public needs to get used to this greed. The public is fully confident that in the coming time, they will find themselves. He will fully prepare for this and is returning with all his efforts for you. His actions are always exemplary in establishing the party here in a good form, to form a good government and to have complete control over the government.

It is also a big challenge for the Congress Party in Rajasthan that 44 lakh women will get smartphones here, and there are three crore 29 lakh women in Rajasthan and in the same way, only 44 lakh women will get smartphones. When given, they are seen to oppose the women altogether. The discrimination that is being done to many women here is also being caught in a complete manner, which is becoming thick among them. This will be seen entirely as a threat to their elections, and the plan may backfire for the Congress Party. Hence, the Congress Party can either change or completely abandon this plan. The Congress party will also be ready to stop this, and the Congress party will have to completely change the project in Rajasthan and present it because this scheme will not make as much profit as it will ultimately demand from the system.

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