Rajnath Singh met China’s Defense Minister,All defense ministers gathered except Pakistan

All the countries are participating in the meeting of the defense ministers of all the countries going on inside New Delhi, and inside this meeting, all the defense ministers except Pakistan have reached, and they will inform about the defense of their country before that. Rajnath Singh met China’s Defense Minister inside Delhi. After taking information about the relations between his countries, he said that he should stick to the agreements made between the two countries and he would not violate his agreements in any way. Do not because if he violates his contract, it will not be suitable for him at all, and all the hopes of having a good relationship between them can be shattered.

It is often seen that China never desists from its antics; it is constantly seen attacking the Indian Army, and in all the talk related to the border of Arunachal Pradesh, Rajnath Singh, and China’s Defense Minister was told that What is in India’s favor will always be India’s and what is China’s will be China’s India will never try to go to China’s border, and China will not try to come to India China’s border after such agreement With the meeting of Rajnath Singh and China’s Defense Minister completed

Rajnath Singh expressed displeasure over the Pakistani Defense Minister not attending the meeting.

Today all the ministers will participate in this meeting inside Delhi, where the Defense Minister of Pakistan is not a part of it. All the Defense Ministers are also angry with their decision that if the Defense Ministers of all the countries have gathered in one place, then every country The Defense Minister should come there and inform everyone about the defense system and the strategy of his country. He should stick to the agreements for the coming time, although India has sent this invitation to Pakistan. Pakistanis were not ready to attend this meeting; even before this, India had sent an invitation to Pakistan for the meeting, but Pakistan participated in that too inside India. could not

That’s why no one can blame India in any way because India always remembers Pakistan. However, it is also expected that if Asif, the Defense Minister of Pakistan, does not attend this meeting, he will attend it next month. Shahid Bilal should not even reach it; in this way, their strategy of Pakistan is opposite to all the countries. The way all the countries are actively participating in this meeting, India has a lot of expectations from it, and India’s We will get to see the changes that will happen in the defense system very soon, and Rajnath Singh will meet all the ministers very well today.

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