Rupali Ganguly discusses the beginning of her TV career.

Be it on TV or inside Bollywood. No actress feels safe in a new way when she enters Bollywood, then looks at the top of the TV and sees who has somehow made her a victim of many things. The actresses who are direct with them and the producers misbehave with them during the night. They are seen doing a lot of bad things completely. She is also ready to go, and in this way, many actresses are recruited into the trap. Gradually, they are tortured in this way. By torturing them, the action that will be taken against them will be based entirely on their caste and sex. To work, one has to share a bed with someone like this.

For this, many women will be seen raising their voices against it, but no such action seems to be taken against the women because people are ready to exploit women by doing very wrong things. I have understood that you are not safe at all; she does not message you. If she goes anywhere for work, the first thing asked of her is whether she will share the bed with her or not or whether her intention of having a relationship with her is fulfilled. Many items are happening this way; women do not feel safe anywhere. The incidents against women are increasing very fast in the latest news videos and Bollywood.

Casting couch has happened to many actresses in Bollywood.

Inside Bollywood, there is news of the casting out of many actresses. Slowly and continuously, we see such information that the thinking against women is visible in some way or another. This breakneck pace is happening at this moment. When an actress recently revealed that when she wanted to enter Bollywood, the director and producer asked her about casting and having a relationship with her, she ultimately confessed. After this, he was not signed up for the film, but he continued to move forward with his life’s whole struggle; as a result of his continuous efforts, we will move forward with our career.

His career in Bollywood seemed to be gradually ending, but slowly, he made his place on the top of the TV and was seen in the best form there. There, he used to be prepared for his Bollywood, the way he was telling about the content of his Bollywood. Hence, he tried his best. She used to do as much as possible for her things and keep moving forward in good and excellent items. At this time, the name of Suraj Rupali Ganguly is firm. It is visible from this where he had utterly prepared himself for a good thing. He also worked in many TV shows and always tried to maintain his name somehow.

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